Friday, November 18, 2005

It's MY City, MINE MINE MINE! Go away.

Ahhh T.O. :) My city! Now to start things off I thought I might mention that
Google is the friggin BEST company in the World!

Why Will Google's Web Hosting Product Reign Supreme?

It's pretty much a given that Google will launch a Web hosting product at some point. But how will they crush Yahoo!
(and every other Web host out there)?

Here are a few points on which Google trumps its nearest rival…

Google brand versus Yahoo! brand. Winner = Google.
Google is now, hip, and exciting. Yahoo! is yesterday, tired, and old-school.

Google's execution versus Yahoo's execution. Winner = Google.
Google's awesome tactic of launching full blown, fully developed products as 'beta' tests overcomes the pressure and scrutiny of conventional product launches. Plus, they're just really good at executing Web-based technology.

Google's reach versus Yahoo's reach. Winner = Google.
By some accounts Google now accepts 70% of all Web searches each day.
Unless it stumbles, Google will keep growing at Yahoo's! (and everybody else's) expense.

Google's synergies versus Yahoo's! synergies. Winner = Google.
Google bought Blogger, and it already knows and understands how to attract, market to, and partner with content builders.

Google's AdWords and AdSense products are already in use by well over 150,000 individual Websites. Google has made a science out of knowing which markets are searching for what, and where they go to find it.


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